In 1981 the machine of the ATK started rolling and over the years to follow, ATK grew steadily pouring wisdom, expertise and creativity into the fabric.murat

It soon became one of the leaders in the textile industry and achieved an international reputation for excellence in quality and customer satisfaction for designing, manufacturing, distributing and marketing apparel for ladies and children to prestigious chain stores.

Today, with its highly trained employees, and its production facilities ATK not only manufactures woven and knitwear according to its clients’ specific needs but also offers a range of original collections, all carefully designed with the foresight of the the new trends just ahead.

Ever since it first started, textile has never been just a business for ATK. It is a life-style. It is based on life and nature, and expressed through creativity, quality and innovation.

At ATK, you are not simply our clients or our suppliers; you are our partners that we proudly work with.

A. Murat Türkmen